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Tranny Q&A is dedicated to all the trannies and tranny lovers in the world. Whether you are a post op or pre op tranny, wonder how to find a tranny to date or wish to know how to define tranny, Tranny Q&A is the perfect place for you. Ask any question, give honest answers and enjoy being a part of our lovely community.


What inspired us to create this website was the discovery of how little real information there is about the tranny lifestyle, on the Internet and elsewhere. We believe that it is important that the true voices of trannies are heard, which is why our goal was to create a comfortable and safe environment where trannies and their admirers can feel free to exchange ideas, share experiences, ask questions and get the answers they need.

We want to fill this site with all the important details you wish to discover about being a tranny, coming from real-life experiences of the lovely people from our community. With every question you ask and every answer you give, the valuable knowledge about tranny lifestyle is becoming more available to those who can benefit from it.

If there is something you have always wanted to know, but had no one to ask, you can trust in our community to provide you with the answers you need. If you have had a fair share of experiences, there are many members of our site who would value your input.

Join us today and become a proud member of our tranny community.